An Angular responsive image slider with lightbox popup. Also support youtube and mp4 video urls.

(Compatible with Angular Version: 15)


  • Responsive (support images width and height in both % and px)
  • captures swipes from phones and tablets
  • Compatible with Angular Universal
  • Image lightbox popup
  • captures keyboard next/previous arrow key event for lightbox image move
  • Support Images (jpeg, jpg, gif, png and Base64-String), Youtube url and MP4 video (url and Base64-String)
  • Handling runtime image arraylist changes


code example:

npm install ng-image-slider -save

Import module in your app.module.ts:

Add component in your template file.

ImageObject format

Image, Youtube and MP4 url’s object format

**Note :

For angular version 8 or less, use “skipLibCheck”: true in tsconfig.json for prevent ambient context issue.

API Reference (optional) :

Name Type Data Type Description Default infinite @Input boolean Infinite sliding images if value is true. false imagePopup @Input boolean Enable image lightBox popup option on slider image click. true animationSpeed @Input number By this user can set slider animation speed. Minimum value is 0.1 second and Maximum value is 5 second. 1 slideImage @Input number Set how many images will move on left/right arrow click. 1 imageSize @Input object Set slider images width, height and space. space is use for set space between slider images. Pass object like {width: ‘400px’, height: ‘300px’, space: 4} or you can pass value in percentage {width: ‘20%’, height: ‘20%’} OR set only space {space: 4} {width: 205, height: 200, space: 3} manageImageRatio @Input boolean Show images with aspect ratio if value is true and set imageSize width and height on parent div false autoSlide @Input number/boolean/object Auto slide images according provided time interval. Option will work only if infinite option is true. For number data type minimum value is 1 second and Maximum value is 5 second. By object data type you can prevent auto slide stop behaviour on mouse hover event. {interval: 2, stopOnHover: false} 0 showArrow @Input boolean Hide/Show slider arrow buttons true arrowKeyMove @Input boolean Disable slider and popup image left/right move on arrow key press event, if value is false true videoAutoPlay @Input boolean Auto play popup video false showVideoControls @Input boolean Hide video control if value is false true direction @Input string Set text direction. You can pass rtl / ltr / auto ltr slideOrderType @Input string Arrange slider images in Ascending order by ASC and in Descending order by DESC. order key must be exist with image object. ASC lazyLoading @Input boolean Lazy load images and Iframe if true. false defaultActiveImage @Input number Set image as selected on load. null imageClick @Output n/a Executes when click event on slider image. Return image index. n/a arrowClick @Output n/a Executes when click on slider left/right arrow. Returns current event name and next/previous button disabled status. n/a lightboxClose @Output n/a Executes when lightbox close. n/a lightboxArrowClick @Output n/a Executes when click on lightbox next/previous arrow. n/a

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As Angular itself, this module is released under the permissive MIT license.

Your contributions and suggestions are always welcome 🙂