crazy cat lady starter pack

Crazy cat lady – I hear people using this title often. As a cat owner, I consider myself a crazy cat lady by default, but is this enough to win me that title? I’ve looked around and put together a crazy cat lady starter kit to help those of you who want to make sure you’re a crazy cat person (male, female, we don’t discriminate).

Here are 30+ products you need to add to your shopping cart right now (and some other bonus actions in between)!

30+ Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit Must-Haves

1. Cats (3 to 100)

You wouldn’t be a crazy cat lady without, well, cats. The number is where it gets tricky. According to the internet, the most reliable source ever, to qualify as a crazy cat lady, you need to own at least three cats.

Don’t get me wrong, I only have one at the time of writing this, but that doesn’t stop me from declaring myself a crazy cat person.

Now, when it comes to the number of cats, the choice is yours, of course. However, when it comes to the varieties of cats to call your own, you may take one of several routes. You can buy one (or more) of the most expensive cat breeds in the world – you are crazy, after all, so you also might be crazy-rich.

The better solution, however, is to adopt a kitten from a shelter (which we wholeheartedly recommend, for the obvious reasons) or, you can pick one of the many hypoallergenic cat breeds available if you are crazy enough to have both a cat allergy and a cat.

cat on the floor
Here is my adorable Sherlock being particularly cute

2. Cat Stroller

Who says strollers are just for babies? Take your furry baby out for a walk without having to traumatize them with a leash. Sure, people might look at you strangely, but who are they to judge?

cat in strollerCheck Price »

3. Cat Mom Mug

Do you know those dads who proudly drink from the best dad mug at the office? That can be you, even if you don’t have any kids. There are many cat mom mugs out there, but I particularly liked this one for the sentiment it so kindly exudes.

best cat mom mugCheck Price »

4. An impressive collection of pictures of your cat

If you don’t have more pictures of your cat than you do of yourself, you’re doing it wrong. Looking through my phone, it seems I found my cat sleeping on the table more fascinating than my cousin’s wedding, so that’s cool.

cat sleeping on table

5. Cat Sweater

What if your cat gets chilly while lounging around the house sleeping 12 hours a day? God forbid. They need a cozy cat sweater. This is for purely practical reasons, of course, not because they look incredibly cute wearing one.

cat wearing sweaterCheck Price »

6. Cat on Board Sticker

You know what? You don’t even need to own a car to buy this sticker. However, I think you do get bonus points for actually sticking this on your car, and having to endure all the lame crazy cat lady jokes people will probably yell at you in traffic.

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cat on board decalCheck Price »

7. Cat Tattoo

Next on our list of crazy cat lady starter kit is a cat tattoo. What better way to shout your love for your cat from the rooftops than getting a tattoo of it? You can go the nondescript cat route and get a cute paw imprint, or you can ask the tattoo artist to make a drawing of your actual cat.

8. Lint Rollers (yes, plural)

I feel very strongly about this because I realized this very morning when I was getting ready for work that I was all out of lint rollers. Don’t repeat my mistake and get a whole bunch of them at once because you’re going to need one for every room and possibly one for every bag you own. Of course, if you have the money or the inclination, you can get a bunch of some of the weirdest and cutest hairless cats in the world. Nevertheless, if you take the regular crazy cat lady route and hoard all the stray cats in the neighborhood, lint rollers are your way to go.

lint rollers setCheck Price »

9. Cat Ears

Who says it needs to be Halloween for you to put your cat ears on and be on your worst behavior? Luckily, there are many cat ear options out there, from cat ear headbands to cat ear hats.

woman wearing cat ears

10. in Your Bookmarks

You’ve never heard of Then you’re not a real crazy cat lady. This wonder of a website is perfect for when you want to comfort your cat with the sound of another cat’s purr or, who are we kidding, for when you need comforting yourself because you’re away from your fur child. Anyway, Purrli sounds make some of the best accessories in your crazy cat lady starter kit as they are so… versatile!

11. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Need we say more? The name of the product alone is proof enough you need this in your crazy cat lady starter kit. From the disheveled appearance to the buttload of cats, this action figure illustrates every delicious and slightly offensive stereotype about crazy cat ladies.

crazy cat lady figurineCheck Price »

12. Cat Butts Coloring Book

Why would anyone want to color anything other than cat butts is beyond me. For a relaxing Saturday evening, grab your cat in one hand and your coloring book in the other, and get your crayons ready.

cat butts coloring bookCheck Price »

13. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

In the same vein, if regular tissue holders are just too boring for you, grab your tissues out of your cat’s butt (not literally, of course). This is bound to strike up a conversation when you have people over. Not that crazy cat ladies have many people over, but who knows… You need to be ready, just in case.

cat butt tissue holderCheck Price »

14. Cat Butt Magnets

I promise this is the last cat butt product in this crazy cat lady starter kit. Not for lack of options, rest assured. The internet loves cat butts suspiciously much. Looking at these magnets, though, who wouldn’t?

cat butt magnetsCheck Price »

15. Cat Instagram Account

How are people supposed to know your cat is the prettiest there ever was if you don’t pimp her out on the internet? The best way to do that? Open an Instagram account on her behalf and fill it with cute pictures. You may not reach the fame and fortune of some of the most famous cats in the world, but you will enjoy the attention and the joy you spread in the world.

16. Amazon Prime Subscription

This doesn’t have to be cat-related, but if you regularly order stuff for your cat on Amazon, a Prime subscription is mandatory. Mr. Whiskerson can’t wait for regular delivery. What is this, the Middle Ages? Either you regularly buy a diversity of cat foods online, cat chew toys, or other treats and accessories, a Prime subscription saves you a lot of time that you would better spend in the company of your furry buddies.

17. Crazy Cat Lady Candle

Yup, there’s even a candle dedicated to us crazy cat people. What does it smell like? Staying in your pajamas all day long, messy hair and all, knitting and hanging out with your cat. Even more crazy cat lady stereotypes? Yes, please.

crazy cat lady candleCheck Price »

18. Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit Magnet

Because just one cat magnet on your fridge simply won’t do, I recommend the crazy cat lady starter kit magnet, which references the first point on this list, having lots of cats. Look how cute those babies look in that box!

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crazy cat lady starter kit magnetCheck Price »

19. Human-to-Cat Translator App

How else are you supposed to know what Fluffy is trying to tell you? Use at your own risk, though. Don’t be disappointed if the app says your cat’s most common phrase is “Feed me, slave, then get out of my way.”

Download from the App Store

Download from Google Play

20. Pet Camera

Do you experience constant anxiety at the thought of your cat being all alone at home while you’re off gallivanting with your friends? You should. Install a pet monitoring camera to keep an eye on your kitty and even talk to it if you want to. Keep in mind that some of the best pet cameras on the market allow you to “talk” to your feline friend when you are apart and even reward your buddy with treats throughout the day.

cat camera with laserCheck Price »

21. Cat Jewelry

If your cat owns more jewelry than you do, you’ve hit the jackpot in terms of a crazy cat lady starter kit. Who needs earrings and bracelets when Simba can have a pink rhinestone and pearl necklace? If you have the money, bling is exactly what your cat needs to aspire to reach the top richest pets in the world!

cat wearing necklaceCheck Price »

22. Cat-Themed Clothing

As much as you enjoy spending money on your cat, be honest, your life wouldn’t be complete without a closet full of cat-themed clothing. Whether it’s a full-on cat onesie, pajamas, skirt, dress, or a shirt that lets everybody know your cat is your priority, the cat-themed clothing variety out there is impressive.

woman wearing cat onesie

Check Price »

23. Subscription to Cat Lady Box

Or any other cat subscription box out there. Cat Lady Box is like a mind reader for crazy cat people. Its basic plan includes just products for cat owners, while the Crazy CatLadyBox guarantees both you and your cat will get to enjoy the monthly contents of the box.

24. Cat-Shaped Lipstick

This might be gimmicky AF, but it’s still something every self-respecting crazy cat lady should have in their make-up bag. Not that much of a lipstick, but more of a statement that you take your love of cats very seriously.

pink cat lipstickCheck Price »

25. Cat-Themed Card Game

What do crazy cat ladies do when they get together? This may sound like the beginning of a joke, but I can answer seriously: they play a cat-themed card game. My personal favorite? The Original Cat Lady from Alderac Entertainment Group.

cat lady playing cardsCheck Price »

26. Cat-Themed Christmas Tree

If you’re lucky enough to own a cat that doesn’t give a tiny rat’s a*s about knocking down Christmas trees, make sure you get your gold star in crazy cat lady-ness by putting together a cat-themed Christmas tree. On the other hand, no matter what cat varieties you own, safeguarding your Christmas tree against the chaos and havoc a cat usually creates during the holidays is the best course of action.

27. How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives

The moment I set my eyes upon this book, I realized no Tolstoi or Hemingway could stop me from adding it to the top of my TBR list. Plus, let’s face it, Hemingway probably wouldn’t even try to stop me since he was a crazy cat person himself.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety bookCheck Price »

28. Normal Cat Lady Kitchen Towel

Sick of hearing everyone say you’re a crazy cat lady? Set the record straight by making sure they know their excessive love of humans is more concerning. What kind of monster would prefer hanging out with a human when they could hang out with a cat?

crazy cat lady towelCheck Price »

29. Cat-Themed Party Decorations

Are you really a crazy cat lady if you don’t celebrate your cat’s birthday? I think not. Luckily, there are plenty of decorations out there that are perfect for a cat’s birthday party. Make sure you buy them in advance, you never know when you might want to throw your cat an impromptu party.

cat party decorationsCheck Price »

30. A “Cat Dedicated” Corner in Your Room

Corner, half a room, who even knows at this point. All I know is that a crazy cat lady starter kit wouldn’t be complete without a section of the owner’s home dedicated to the cat. Make a right at the fancy luxury cat tree you just bought, and you’ll reach the self-cleaning automatic litter box. When it comes to pets’ accessories, you can also consider a cat water fountain for your cats to encourage hydration and keep them entertained.

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On the other hand, the best cat corner should also include an automatic cat feeder. You should pick the best one on the market depending on your cats’ needs and preferences.

31. At Least One Cat-Shaped Pillow

Because there’s nothing funnier than a cat who sees a giant cat head on the sofa. I have one of these at home, and I have to say, even I get freaked out sometimes when I enter the room and forget it’s there.

cat face pillowCheck Price »

32. An Empty Refrigerator

Why is your refrigerator empty again? Because you spent too much money on cat food and have to eat scraps again. Meanwhile, your cat’s pantry (yes, it has a dedicated pantry) is stocked full of a variety of fancy cat food options.

33. It’s not really drinking alone if the cat is a home wine glass

Some people might call it sad. I call it the best Friday night ever. Technically, you’re not drinking alone if your cat is there to silently judge you and your life choices.

cat wine glassCheck Price »

34. Cat Lady Garden Decoration

Make sure everyone passing by your home knows you’re a crazy cat lady with this lawn decoration featuring a tired and bats in the belfry women covered in cats. “…Because cats!” says it all and is the best excuse for getting out of a bad date ever.

cat lady lawn gnomeCheck Price »

35. Funny Cat Decorations

Whether you’ve bought them yourself or got them as a gift from friends who know your cat is your entire life, cat decorations are a must-have of any crazy cat lady starter kit. Fortunately, you can find cats on pretty much everything these days. How about this sign proclaiming you DO need all the cats?

funny cat signCheck Price »

36. Crazy Cat Lady Gift Bag

Finally, from the creators of the crazy cat lady action figure, comes this gift bag containing the action figure, some crazy cat lady bandages, and a very nice crazy cat lady bag. For less than $10, complete your crazy cat lady starter kit with this gift bag.

crazy cat lady gift bagCheck Price »

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit: FAQs

Before we wrap up this guide on the crazy cat lady kit, let’s answer some of the most pressing questions related to this subject!

How many cats are too many cats?

To become a crazy cat lady, there is no such thing as too many cats. On a more serious note, for some people, too many cats are two, while for others, the number can be ten. There is no threshold or magic number that makes the transition between “how many” and “too many.” What you need to know before you take in a cat or more is to raise cats properly to avoid any health problems. This means the cat should receive all the proper attention to keep its physical and mental shape at maximum levels.

What is considered animal hoarding?

Jokes aside, animal hoarding is a legal issue. Animal hoarding laws differ from country to country and also differ from ordinances preventing people of owning more pets than they can take care of – usually, this number is fifteen. The law intervenes when the owners fail to offer proper living conditions for the animals or neglect them, causing injuries to the animals in question or themselves.

What else should one add to the crazy cat lady starter kit?

We also recommend you consider the following items to complete your crazy cat lady starter kit:

  • A carrying tote bag for pets so you can take your furry friend outside for a fancy walk downtown or in the park;
  • A cat-themed kitchen apron for all those times you prepare the food for your princess, no matter if you open a can or measure a cup of dry food.
  • Cat-shaped plates or dinner bowls so all your guests (if you have any) know how much in love you are with your cats.


Let’s tally up the score in the comments. How many of these items (or similar ones) do you own? How many did you add to your shopping cart after reading this article? Let me know your thoughts on this crazy cat lady starter kit and suggest other products that you think are worthy of being included.