Ultimate Guide of Discord Profile Picture Size 2023

Ultimate Guide of Discord Profile Picture Size 2023

Discord is a community-focused chat platform. It connects people around the world through virtual chat and attracts millions of gamers, fan bases, and small businesses. Having a great Discord profile picture is so important, which can reflect who you are as a person or brand. When people click on your name on a channel or get a friend request from you, the image is usually the first thing people see.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to everything you need to know about Discord pfps. Mainly include ideal Discord profile picture sizes, design tips of Discord pfp, and how to set up an avatar.

Perfect Discord Profile Picture Size

A Discord profile picture, also known as a Discord avatar, is displayed on your profile page and channel chat interface. The recommended Discord pfp size is 128 x 128 pixels.

But you can upload a larger size image as long as it’s a 1:1 ratio. When uploading, Discord will automatically shrink it for you.

The maximum file size for a Discord profile pic is 8 MB.

There are many free profile picture maker apps that can help you easily resize and edit your profile pics, so that it fits perfectly on Discrod.

Perfect Discord profile picture size

Discord avatar and Discord server logo are completely different. Don’t confuse the two of them.

Discord pfp is a personal chat avatar, displayed in the chat interface and profile interface. Its dimensions are 128 x 128 pixels.

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The Discord server logo primarily serves as the public server icon. It is what people will see when searching for or finding a server. After you join the server, it will appear in the toolbar on the left side of your screen. Only the creator of the server can change the server logo. Discord’s recommended size for the server logo is 512 x 512 pixels.

Discord profile pictures VS Discord servers logo

Discord Profile Pic Types and Formats

Discord mainly has 2 types of avatars. It supports JPG, PNG, or GIF formats. So, users can choose almost any image they want as their avatar. Just upload the picture that meets the Discord avatar size requirements.

Two types of profile photos:

Image avatar: JPG and PNG formats are supported. Any image can be used as this type of avatar, be it people, landscapes, still lives, or cartoons. Just resize the picture to the standard Discord pfp dimensions. Anyone can use and change his profile picture at will.

Animated GIF avatars: In addition to static images, Discord also supports uploading animated GIFs as profile pictures. However, this feature is limited to Discord Nitro users.

Note: If you’ve selected an animated GIF as your avatar, the animation only is seen when someone hovers over your profile picture.

Two types of Discord profile photos

Discord Avatar Design Tips

As with any other streamer, it’s important to choose or make an appropriate profile photo. Not only does it help others identify you faster, but it also fosters brand awareness. Here are some of our suggestions for Discord pfp:

1. Associate with your brand. Use your brand’s logo as your profile photo, or include your brand’s colors in your photo.

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2. Use photos with contrasting colors. Sharp color contrasts can quickly grab people’s attention and make your Discord profile photo stand out from the crowds.

Use photos with contrasting colors as your Discord avatar

3. Remove the cluttered background. A cluttered background can blur the focus of a photo. Use the background remover to remove background of the original photo and add a new solid color background. This can highlight the subject of the photo and leave people impressed with your Discord avatar.

4. Use high-quality and clear photos. Clearly presenting photos is important. This allows other users to clearly see the content of your photos through a small display area. Improve the quality of your photos and make photos sharper with Fotor’s photo enhancer.

5. Resize your photo to a suitable size. Uploading a standard size Discord profile pic can prevent the Discord platform from removing some elements you might want to display. Use Fotor’s tool to resize your photo before uploading.

6. Use artistic effects. Add filters to photos, turn photos into cartoons, and convert photos to sketches. All make your personal profile photos artistic and more attractive.

Use cartoon photo as your Discord avatar

How to Design Your Discord Profile Picture with Fotor?

You can choose an image you like and upload it directly as your discord profile photo. Or you can use the Fotor’s Discord profile photo maker to create your unique avatar.