Factory images for Google Pixel

If you are a developer with a supported Google Pixel device, you can manually update that device to the latest build for testing and development. You’ll need to do a full device reset, so make sure to back up your data first. Builds are available for the following Pixel devices:

  • Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Pixel 5 and 5a
  • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
  • Pixel 6a
  • Pixel 7 and 7 Pro
  • Pixel 7a
  • Pixel Fold
  • Pixel Tablet

After you’ve flashed a beta build to your Pixel device, your device is automatically enrolled in the Android Beta for Pixel program and offered continuous over-the-air (OTA) updates to the latest beta builds (including QPRs) until you choose to unenroll that device from the program. We also deliver flashable images at each milestone, so you can choose the approach that works best for your test environment.

Use the following links and instructions to update your supported device to the latest build. See Get Android 14 for other ways to get Android 14 for testing and development.

Warning: Flashing to a Beta build from a production build—or going back to a production build from a Beta build—requires a full device reset that removes all user data on the device. Make sure to back up the data from your Pixel first.

Flash your device using Android Flash Tool

Android Flash Tool lets you securely flash an Android 14 Beta system image to your supported Pixel device. Android Flash Tool works with any Web browser that supports WebUSB, such as Chrome or Edge 79+.

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Android Flash Tool guides you step-by-step through the process of flashing your device—there’s no need to have tools installed—but you will need to unlock your device and enable USB Debugging in Developer options. For complete instructions, see the Android Flash Tool documentation.

Connect your device over USB, then, depending on the type of system image you want to flash, navigate to Android Flash Tool using one of the following links and follow the onscreen guidance:

  • Normal system images: Use https://flash.android.com/preview/udc-beta4.1.
  • 64-bit-only system images: Select the device you are trying to flash:

    • Pixel 4a (5g)
    • Pixel 5
    • Pixel 6
    • Pixel 6 Pro

Flash your device manually

You can also download the latest system image and manually flash it to your device. See the following table to download the system image for your test device. Manually flashing a device is useful if you need precise control over the test environment or if you need to reinstall frequently, such as when performing automated testing.

After you back up your device data and download the matching system image below, you can flash the image onto your device.

You can choose to return to the latest public build at any time.

Device factory images

Device Download Link SHA-256 Checksum Pixel 4a (5G) bramble_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-d020e39f.zip d020e39fc0e305418515219decaff2df47c1569c915965a5218127be49f5f56e Pixel 5 redfin_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-1546e403.zip 1546e403d5d5b9773a7cc9bf502d290928c4a00188965304dfdffd76343673bc Pixel 5a barbet_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-94bc11d8.zip 94bc11d8102f4376658c6929a720e476b4bbf6524dacee3f34ac0c253e8b45ab Pixel 6 oriole_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-9bc8b1bc.zip 9bc8b1bcc8092ffe329271a141b850b43e36a44c8abd9e950977f7e4ed0c0e3c Pixel 6 Pro raven_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-77905501.zip 7790550195398de929de3a8a99792f456f9cd3343b32195a4caa0253f17aed1a Pixel 6a bluejay_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-5a12863e.zip 5a12863ec72b9c7e03f9ce5bc1f838a80c664d948e26dd56e9a80442747b6f8c Pixel 7 panther_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-567c5838.zip 567c5838f78e68b0223e68cc2879d1dd9a99ac7fb671c4ed409350cf9ed7cd2c Pixel 7 Pro cheetah_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-57096130.zip 57096130d6e42b4889031c7bd1ba62c4636afb101f0d4c668efeb77599f52cef Pixel 7a lynx_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-e90161fc.zip e90161fc771d01acc0877d437c01788d6f9c150bd6b8631d18a8abec608aa64c Pixel Fold felix_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-cf4f4d37.zip cf4f4d37bb3e8b4fda7a96b2f6225924b90e3e9d9142ce034815a4c9fc6e1d7a Pixel Tablet tangorpro_beta-upb4.230623.007-factory-8308f7fe.zip 8308f7fe882c88f1141a6f760a0724d3e81047b39a783435fe9572b009a3dd2a

64-bit-only images

These images provide a strict 64-bit-only environment for testing 64-bit app compatibility. These 64-bit-only configurations are for developer use only.

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Device Download Link SHA-256 Checksum Pixel 4a (5G) bramble_beta_64-upb4.230623.007-factory-f8631215.zip f863121511918d31bf9d34a3e53624127aca5bd4ab0b47f9253a8249a15734a3 Pixel 5 redfin_beta_64-upb4.230623.007-factory-2fc20e57.zip 2fc20e57fb66c25484a6660f3900ec2b8b2cbd565acf2b0b977c5dc7a85872f9 Pixel 6 oriole_beta_64-upb4.230623.007-factory-39d74a6e.zip 39d74a6e6fb0ee5bd0b1da952135a00820c1f063160a02c878aae298614637d2 Pixel 6 Pro raven_beta_64-upb4.230623.007-factory-b057a4d4.zip b057a4d4ef9f30961ce6a49015c9d01e61a4d29bb0011afc0b98bc884aef3436

Return to a public build

You can either use the Android Flash Tool to flash the factory image, or obtain a factory spec system image from the Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices page and then manually flash it to the device.

Warning: Going back to a public build from a Beta build requires a full device reset that removes all user data on the device. Make sure to back up your data first.