How to Create a Multimedia Presentation (& Tools to Use)

A multimedia presentation can help you stand out, grab attention and leave a stronger impact on the audience. If you’re wondering how to create a multimedia presentation without having to spend hours editing on PowerPoint, you’re at the right place.

In this guide, you’re going to learn about:

  • What a multimedia presentation is.
  • The steps to creating a visually appealing multimedia presentation.
  • Some good examples of multimedia presentations and why they work.
  • The best multimedia presentation tools you can use to get started.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Multimedia Presentation?
  • How to Create a Multimedia Presentation In 5 Steps
  • 7 Examples of Multimedia Presentations
  • The 5 Best Multimedia Presentation Software to Help You Get Started

If you prefer watching over reading, here’s the video version of this article on how to create a multimedia presentation.

What is a Multimedia Presentation?

A multimedia presentation is a type of presentation that uses several different forms of digital communication, such as video, interactive slides, audio clips, music and more, to get the message across.

In short, multimedia presentations go beyond the use of text and images. Including digital media like animation, video, audio, or interactive features like forms, popups and more can help enrich your presentations both visually and content-wise.

While you can create basic multimedia presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint, there are much more innovative and modern tools out there to help you create even better presentations, like Visme.

Visme’s presentation software offers plenty of tools to create multimedia presentations. From video embeds to voiceovers to interactivity animated features, you’ll find it all in one, robust platform.

Keep reading to find out how you can create an unforgettable multimedia experience with Visme.

How to Create a Multimedia Presentation In 5 Steps

Creating a multimedia presentation isn’t difficult, you just need the right tools. In fact, it’s as easy as the six steps in the tutorial below.

Step #1: Define the purpose of your multimedia presentation.

Before you can start creating a multimedia presentation, you need to know exactly what you’ll be presenting about and why.

Jot down some ideas about what you want to achieve with your presentation.

Do you:

  • Want to add value to an evergreen landing page?
  • Hope to get more people interested in your content or services?
  • Wish to impart knowledge to your readers in a meaningful way?
  • Need to create a pitch deck that inspires investors in your project?
  • Want to report sales or business results in a unique way?
  • Need to present survey results that don’t bore your audience?

You can achieve all of the above with a multimedia presentation.

Just make sure to have all the information you need to present in an orderly fashion so it’s easier when it’s time to create.

Step #2: Outline the content with visualization ideas.

Now that you have everything planned out and all your content is ready to be put into a slide deck, it’s time to create an outline.

While creating the outline, think of ways that you can improve the story using different mediums.

For example:

  • Explainer videos
  • Video clips
  • Surveys
  • Animated GIFs
  • Popups
  • Interactivity between slides
  • Color-coded maps
  • Google Maps
  • Animated charts
  • QR codes
  • Loom videos
  • Sound effects
  • Embedded third-party content
  • Background music
  • Ted Talk video embeds
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Step #3: Select a presentation template and add your content.

Now, log into your Visme dashboard and find a presentation template that will be perfect for your project. There are lots of choices, from pre-designed presentations to customizable slide libraries in different styles.

In the case of a multimedia presentation, we recommend you go with one of the slide libraries. Slide libraries can also be referred to as presentation themes.

Visme has three presentation themes:

  • Modern: Sleek and unique
  • Simple: Clean cut and no-frills
  • Creative: Off the cuff and interesting

Each theme comes with a large slide library with hundreds of different options. You can mix-and-match slides to create your own, unique multimedia presentation.

The slides in Visme’s presentation themes are organized into groups, such as:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Teams
  • Diagrams
  • Comparisons
  • Processes
  • Testimonials
  • …and more.

We suggest you add all the blank slides you need by following the outline you made in the previous step. Then, input the general content, images, backgrounds and design assets.

Next, add your logo, brand colors, fonts and branded imagery. When you have a Visme Brand Kit, that step can’t be any easier. The fonts are already set up in your editor as are the colors.

Use Dynamic Field to ensure your important data is consistent and updated across all your slides and projects. Once you place your information in the custom field, it will automatically appear on other slides containing the value.

Alternatively, create your presentation from scratch by starting with a blank canvas. Visme also offers content blocks and element groups to help you create a good presentation.

Step #4: Add multimedia content.

At this stage, your presentation probably looks good-looking, but static. Let’s make it interactive by adding unique multimedia presentation tools.

Start adding multimedia content to the slides that need it. Follow your outline and visualization idea notes.

You don’t need to add a different type of media on each slide — that’s overwhelming. Aim for two or three types of media spread throughout the presentation to keep a balance.

For example:

  • A narration can cover all the slides and it should flow seamlessly.
  • Interactive slides with links to the main slide or other sections need to be well-organized and easy to navigate.
  • Videos shouldn’t be on every slide. There needs to be breathing space between videos so it’s not overwhelming.
  • Animated charts don’t need to be surrounded by too much content. Let them shine on their own.
  • Surveys should have their own slide with a previous slide explaining why there’s a survey in the first place.
  • Embed content on any slide and make it fit visually with the rest of the content.

create a stunning presentation with visme

Step #5: Review, download and share.

When you’ve added all your content, both regular and multimedia, it’s time to revise. Click on the “present” button on the top-right of your editor and take a look at your presentation as if you were a viewer.

As you go through every slide, take notes if you spot anything that looks off or unfinished. Then, go back and edit those slides until the presentation is just right.

Multimedia presentations can be presented or shared in several ways. For interactive presentations that include clicking or filling in forms, give your audience the best experience by:

  • Embedding the presentation into a website
  • Sharing the presentation with a live link
  • Downloading the presentation as an HTML5 file

designing infographics - download your infographic

Presentations that don’t require your audience to interact can be downloaded as videos and even editable PowerPoint files.

When you share a Visme multimedia presentation via a live link, you can track the analytics of who watched it, for how long and where. This adds another level to your team’s content creation.

Another option is to upload your presentation to SlideShare where other people can see your work. SlideShare presentations can easily be shared on social media as well.

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Examples of Multimedia Presentations

Are you ready to create your own multimedia presentation?

Before you get to it, let’s look at some inspiring examples. Below, you’ll find some stunning Visme presentations, some of which are templates that you can customize for your own use.

We have also included some examples of presentations from other sources that we found interesting.

Example #1: Presentation with GIFs

You can quickly create simple and beautiful multimedia presentations with GIFs. At Visme, we regularly create multimedia presentations with GIFs to present new features and updates.

Check out one of our recent ones:

Made with Visme Presentation Maker

We create our custom GIFs, which you can also do using our GIF maker!

If you don’t have the time or resources for that, Visme has a GIPHY integration, which lets you search through millions of GIFs in lots of different styles inside the editor.

Integrate GIFs with content that complements, not competes with it.

Also, don’t overload your presentation with GIFs, especially if they are all different. Stick to one style of GIF throughout to maintain visual consistency.

Example #2: Animations and Narration

This is an example of a multimedia presentation that uses animations to liven up the story and the slides.

This is the type of presentation that can be easily turned into a video. Each slide can have animated objects, illustrations, text and design assets.

Impact Radius from Fab Design on Vimeo.

You can create a presentation like this with Visme quite easily.

Simply record your voiceover on each slide and download it as a video. If you already have a voiceover from a project, upload it into your presentation project and trim the audio as needed.

Example #3: Narrators and Video

This presentation is on the longer side. It includes a balanced amount of media, like presenters in front of a slide deck, videos, interviews and charts.

Présentation Multimedia from Ressource video on Vimeo.

It’s also presented as a video for easy viewing. A multimedia presentation video like this one takes more work than others, as it has a large amount of content.

Example #4: Interactive Charts and Music

Multimedia presentations for business reports are more engaging with interactive charts. Visme charts are animated by default but you can add more interactivity with popups and links.

Top it all off with a music clip that doesn’t overwhelm or distract from the content of the presentation.

Example #5: Video

Adding video to presentations is one of the easiest ways to create a multimedia video presentation. Here’s an example of a slide created in Visme that includes a YouTube video. Go ahead and press play to see it in action!

Embed YouTube videos or Vimeo videos easily by simply inputting the video URL.

Upload your own video, use the Visme video editing tools to trim the clip to how you need it. Select from our gallery of video clips to add as backgrounds behind other content.

Example #6: Zoomable Presentation with Video

This is a Prezi multimedia presentation about The Red Bull Stratosphere Jump.

It has a classic Prezi feel and navigation plus videos of the event. Not every presentation warrants this level of multimedia or interactivity but for a brand like Red Bull, it makes sense.

This style of presentation can be created with Prezi quite easily. They have a number of templates that you can use to create a multimedia presentation with a zoomable navigation style.

Example #7: Survey and Embedded PDF

The last example is a little different. It includes an integrated survey and embedded PDF. This is the perfect multimedia presentation to include in a blog post or on a website.

Made with Visme Presentation Maker

Take a look below at how a survey works inside a presentation and how an embedded PDF can be integrated with other content.

The 4 Best Multimedia Presentation Software to Get You Started

To create multimedia presentations, you need the right tools.

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Below are four tools to help you create engaging multimedia presentations.

Software #1: Visme

The first software on the list is Visme. The varied collection of integrations in our editor is just the right combination to create a multimedia presentation that will make an impact.

Usually, you need more than one software to create an engaging multimedia presentation. But if you’re looking for a software that does it all, Visme’s presentation maker is a great option.

Users have always been able to create multimedia presentations with Visme, especially with videos, animations and voiceovers.

But recently, we’ve added tons of new integrations and features to help you create unique multimedia presentations. For example, you can add links, GIFs, surveys, interactive maps and more.

Software #2: Wistia

Wistia is a video hosting, management and marketing software for businesses who want to have more control over their video content.

Embedding video is one of the quickest ways to create a multimedia presentation. If you’re creating your presentation in Visme, you can easily embed Wistia videos in your slides.

You can also add videos into your presentation from YouTube, Vimeo and Vidyard. Check out the full list of Visme integrations here.

Note: When sharing videos that aren’t yours, make sure to add a description with the name of the creator and why you chose to share it.

Software #3: Typeform

Multimedia presentations with surveys add an unprecedented level of interactivity.

Use the Typeform or Jotform integration to add surveys to your informative presentations or market research projects.

When you include a survey in a multimedia presentation, you’ll have to share it as a link or embed it on a site. This way, your audience can input the answers straight into the survey inside the slide instead of opening a separate link.

Software #4: Loom

If you’re not presenting your multimedia presentation in person, recording a Loom video and embedding it in your slides can be a great alternative for adding a personal touch.

Walk your audience through a tutorial, give a brief overview about a topic, shed light on your company and services, or simply introduce yourself. Loom videos offer tons of opportunities to make your multimedia presentation more interactive.

Software #5: Google Maps

Include maps in your multimedia presentations to visualize geographic data or location information. Visme has two map creation options, the Map Maker and the Google Maps integration.

The Map Maker lets you create custom maps with color-coding and interactive popups that match the design of your project. Import map data from a google sheet or input it manually.

Add a navigable Google Map in all the default styles. Show specific location coordinates in a box that you can customize.

Create Your Multimedia Presentation With Visme

Now, you’re ready!

It’s time to start creating the best multimedia presentation for your audience.

When you sign up for our presentation software, you’ll find all the tools you need to create an engaging multimedia presentation your audience is likely to remember for a long time.

Create a Brand Kit to stay on brand easier and faster by uploading your logos, color palettes and fonts. Organize your assets and projects into folders to make them easier to find.

At Visme, we’re always adding new features and integrations. You can keep an eye on our What’s New page to stay updated with all the new cool, new stuff.

If you have a PowerPoint presentation that you’d like to enhance, import the PPTX file into Visme and add multimedia there. The PowerPoint slides will import as editable slides so you have full control of how the final project looks.

Sign up for our presentation software today and start creating slides that nobody can look away from.