Have you ever encountered yourself in a situation where you are stuck with a design in canva and want to give it a unique touch?

Well maybe flipping a text, shape or image may end up giving a new look to your design, isn’t it?

Although flipping shapes, images, and elements are child’s play inside canva but when it comes to flipping text, things get complicated.

But don’t worry, in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to flip text, shape images, and change their colors in just a few clicks.

So you can easily create professional designs that stand out from the crowd.

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How to Flip Text in Canva (Easy Way)

To flip a text inside canva, you have to first create a blank canvas by clicking on the “Create a Design” button. You can choose a pre-made template from there or you can enter your custom dimensions as well.

Add your text to the canvas, once you have added your text, save your design and download it in a PNG format, and do not forget to enable the “Transparent Background Option” (Only for Canva pro users) .

After downloading the image, upload the image back to your canvas. Select the image and click “Flip” from the top menu bar.

Choose- Flip horizontally or Flip vertically according to your convenience. And you have now successfully flipped your text in Canva.

We have prepared a step-to-step guide to teach you how to flip a text in canva.

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Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to flip text in canva.

1. Create a New Design In Canva

So firstly you have to create a new canvas inside canva, you can easily do that by clicking on the “Create a Design” button from the top right corner.

Create a New Design in Canva
Create a New Design in Canva

2. Add Your Text

Now you have to add your text from the “Text” menu which is present on the left-hand side. You can choose various types of fonts that are best suited to your needs.

Add Text Layer Inside Your Blank Canvas
Add Text Layer Inside Your Blank Canvas

3. Save Your Design And Download It

Now here is the catch, unlike other elements, you cannot directly flip text inside canva, you have to follow a different approach.

So after adding the text box inside the canvas, you can add your own text to it and adjust its size, color, and font according to your needs.

Download Your Design as PNG
Download Your Design as PNG

When everything is done, download your design by clicking on the “Share” button which is present on the top right-hand side.

When you click on the “Share” button from the top menu you will see a drop-down menu from where you have to select the “Download” button and save your design.

Before downloading your design, make sure that you have the “Transparent Background” option checked and the PNG format selected as the file type.

Because we want to download our text layer without any background so that we can use it on any design we want.

4. Upload The Downloaded Image Back To Canva

When you have successfully downloaded the image to your device, you have to upload it back to your canvas.

You can either do it by dragging and dropping your image to the canvas or you can use the “Upload” section from the left sidebar.

Flip Your Text Inside Canva
Flip Your Text Inside Canva

When your image has been uploaded, now, select the image and click on the “Flip” option which is present on the top. Choose one of the two options i.e – ”Flip Horizontally” or “Flip Vertically”

And just like that, you can now successfully flip your text horizontally or vertically.

This is also useful for people who are searching for how to mirror text in canva.

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How To Flip a Shape In Canva

In order to flip shapes in Canva, you’ll first need to create a blank canvas by clicking on the “Create a Design” button.

Once you’ve created a blank canvas, click on the Elements tab from the left sidebar. From here, you’ll see all of the different types of elements that you can add to your design.

To add an element to your design, you can either click on the element or drag and drop it to your canvas.

After you have successfully placed your element on your canvas, you can now flip it by selecting the element and then clicking on the “Flip” button from the top toolbar.

You can either flip it horizontally or vertically according to your requirement.

Let us take a look at the step to step guide for how to flip a shape in canva:

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1. Open Your Canva Design or Create a New One

First, open up your canva design where you want the flip the shape in.

You can also create a new design by following the steps mentioned above.

You can choose from a variety of premade templates or you can put your custom dimensions as well.

2. Add Your Shapes or Elements.

When you are in your design, you can now add the elements that you want into your design by clicking on the “Elements” tab which is present on the left-hand side.

3. Select Your Elements

Once you have placed your element in your canvas you have to now select the element which you want to be flipped.

How To Flip Shapes In Canva
How To Flip Shapes In Canva

After selecting the element, click on the flip option which is present on the top menu bar, and select- “Flip Horizontally” or “Flip Vertically” according to your convenience and download your design.

So that’s how to flip an element in canva.

How To Mirror an Image on Canva (Flip Image)

Ok so now you want to mirror your image inside canva?

Well, it is very easy to mirror an image in canva, it’s the same as we did with shape.

It is just a 2 step process.

Here are the required steps on how to flip an image in canva.

1. Upload Your Image In Canva

Upload the image that you want to mirror inside canva by dragging and dropping it on the canvas or by using the “Upload” button from the left sidebar.

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2. Flip Your Image

After you have successfully uploaded your image to your canvas, now you can easily flip it either horizontally or vertically.

In order to do this, you have to select your image and then click on the “Flip” option from the top menu bar, there you will see 2 options “Flip Horizontal” and “Flip Vertical”, you can choose any one of them according to your needs.

How To Flip an Image In Canva
How To Flip an Image In Canva

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How To Flip an Element In Canva

So now we are talking about the canva graphic elements that are usually found under the “Elements” tab present in the left sidebar.

So all the steps to flip an element inside canva are the same as we did with images and shapes.

First search for your desired graphic element in the elements tab and drag and drop your element in your canvas.

Once added, click on the element and a purple box will appear around that element confirming that the element is now selected.

Now click on “Flip” option from the top toolbar and select “Flip Horizontally” or “Flip Vertically” according to your needs.

How To Flip Grouped Elements In Canva

You cannot flip all the grouped elements together in one click, it’s not currently possible inside canva.

You can keep let the elements grouped together and then select each element one by one and then flip it using the same steps methods mentioned above.


Before You Leave

Now as you know how to flip text, images, elements, and shapes in canva, I suggest you read our 30+ Canva Tips and Tricks that will help you design faster.

And if you have any questions regarding this article, you can comment down below I would love to help you out.

Thanks for reading.