How to Remove Checkered Background from Image: 2 Easiest Ways for Beginner

Fotor’s background remover uses AI technology to automatically identify the image’s technology and remove the checkered background into a transparent background image. Not only that, but we also have a fantastic list of background colors and image presets. It is even possible to move objects around on the background layer to place them in the desired position. The output image can also be effectively resized if required.

In addition, you can generate your own unique background for the image with AI background generator in Fotor after removing the checkered background. Just simply describe your desired background, it will be created in a few seconds.

Fotor also allows users to preview images with different backgrounds before saving the final version. With just a few clicks you can remove the checkered background from the image. No photo editing skills are required and there is no need to download any other software.

Let’s see the detailed steps on how to get rid of the checkered background with Fotor’s background remover.

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1. Open Fotor’s best online background remover. Upload the image or drag or drop the image to start removing the checkered background.

2. Fotor will automatically remove the background for you in a few seconds.

3. Now the checkered background has been cut out of the image. You can click on the “Change Background” option to choose the background color. And continue to edit the photo with other photo editing tools until you’re satisfied.

4. Preview and download the image in PNG format


Photoshop is a photo editing software that offers a wide range of features to satisfy all your graphics needs, including the ability to remove checkered backgrounds from images. It is one of the best tools for removing checkered backgrounds from photos.

Clearing the checkered background from your pictures with Photoshop can give your photos a more professional look. It also gives you more creative control over your images, for example by allowing you to remove unwanted objects or distracting elements from the background.

Although there are many benefits to using Photoshop to remove checkered backgrounds, it is also important not to overlook some of its disadvantages. For example, its interface is complex which is not suitable for beginners and you need to purchase the tool for processing. What’s more, a certain level of expertise and skill is required to use the software.

Below is the step-by-step guide on a simple way to use Photoshop to get rid of the checkered background.

1. Open the image you want to remove the checkered background from in Photoshop.

2. Right click on the background layer of your image and select the Duplicate Layer option.

3. Next, name your new layer and click on the little eye icon to turn this layer off.

4. Click on your new layer in the Layers panel and click on the Remove Background button under the Qucik Action feature. Now the checkered background attached to your image should now be removed, leaving your image transparent and ready to be used in any design.

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5. Save your new image as a PNG or JPEG file.

This is the easiest way for a beginner to remove the checkered background from a photo using Photoshop. Note that depending on the complexity of the image, you may need to use other selection tools or techniques to achieve a more accurate selection.

FAQs About How to Remove Checkered Background

How Do I Remove a Checkered Background from a PNG

You can get rid of the checkered background from PNG with Fotor’s background remover. Firstly, open Fotor’s background remover. Secondly, upload the PNG you would like to process and wait for the result. Finally, download the output.

How to Remove Checkered Background in PowerPoint

Removing the checkered background from a picture in PowerPoint is as simple as clearing the checkered background from a normal picture. You can choose to use Fotor or Photoshop to do this. However, I recommend using Fotor as it is much simpler to operate and does not require any specialist skills.

1. Click the button “Open image” to upload image or drag or drop image to start remove background.

2. Automatically remove background in an instant.

3. Download the image in PNG format and keep a transparent background to keep editing


In this article, we have talked about why some pictures have a checkered background and the reason why need to remove it from picture. More importantly, we have shared 2 easiest ways about how to remove checkered background from image, including Fotor and Photoshop. Hope you find this post helpful!