Can You Cancel Ideal Image Contract

Here`s my story: My roommate and I were very excited to get laser hair removal, so we were looking for a bunch of space in Sarasota and Bradenton. We wanted to go to a reputable place because it is our skin and our health that we would treat. After looking around, we found an Ideal Image office in Bradenton, Florida (the one at University Parkway). I was the first to get an appointment, so I introduced myself and met Danielle, the sales representative. She pretty much convinced me of the idea of signing a contract, which she never explained in detail. She said so many good things about the company and her laser, but she avoided the main points of the contract and, of course, the hidden fees. She even got me a $5,000 loan with Chase. I was never informed of that either. When I went to my first appointment, the laser specialist rushed in, did not bother to do it properly and in detail. In addition, the laser damaged my skin. After this terrible experience, I decided to cancel the service, but Ideal Image refused to do so. They even refused to reimburse me for treatments I hadn`t even received. No matter what I said, they refused to send the money Chase had paid in advance for the treatments.

Because of their reluctance, I decided to file a formal complaint with Chase. Chase spoke to Ideal Image several times and at the end Ideal Image said they would refund the money for treatments I didn`t use. When I called Chase, they told me that Ideal Image had refunded everything except $680, which they claimed to have charged me for the first treatment. I was very upset and faxed them a copy of my contract, which said my first treatment was only $187. Chase agreed with my request; However, they said that Ideal Image said that because I had terminated the contract, I was no longer entitled to the discounts, so they decided to charge me the full price. After dealing with Chase and Ideal Image for a month and a half, I gave up and paid the balance in full. I have never been more disappointed and upset by a company than with Ideal Image. I will never recommend or even consider coming back.

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I understand that Ideal Image is a franchise, so every owner is different; However, Corporate should not let these types of people run under the company name. I was scammed and now I have a terrible image of the company. Of course, my roommate never went to her appointment. Contact: john.s.[protected] I sent an email the next day and tried to get out of it. No answer, and it took another 2 emails and 2 phone calls to get an answer, then the financier claimed that she could not tell me about it by email and that we had to talk on the phone. She said I couldn`t cancel that Florida Administrative Code 2-18.002 was not applicable because they didn`t include a cancellation clause in my contract, and that perhaps all I could do was see if the credit company would reduce my amount per month. This raised more questions, because according to her before, once he was locked up, he was. I haven`t even gone to my appointment yet, but I asked if I could cancel because I don`t have the money for it, the lady there said she told me when I signed the contract that I couldn`t cancel, which I don`t remember she told me at all, if anyone can help me, please do this is my email [email protected] After submitting an online form for a consultation.

I was immediately called to set up a consultation, the consultation went well but took the time to think about it. Over the next 2 weeks, Courtney White emailed me several times to see if I wanted to continue. When we finally logged in, I decided to apply for the interest-free loan. The loan was approved, but already the next day I decided not to use some services. (Hair removal was too expensive) I contacted Courtney White, left several messages and sent an email and received no response for over a week. I contacted ally lending directly to cancel my loan. From my experience, it seems that the ideal image will do what it takes to get you into the door, and then they`ll be done with you. Zero professionalism, I would never entrust anything to the ideal image. I have been a customer for a long time. I joined Ideal Image in 2008.

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In 2018, I wanted to have my armpits and legs done. My contract was ruined when the business was closed due to Covid and eventually got my treatments back. If it wasn`t without fighting because they saw that I wasn`t fulfilling my contract and I didn`t have my treatments that the company did. It had nothing to do with me. I finally received my treatments, but this company has problems. I needed retouching in the three areas where I made laser hair. The first available date is in 4 months. My girlfriend called and if I were a new service that would be worth a lot of $$$$ for her, what a surprise they could have in her in a week! No surprises..

They don`t have the staff to take care of the patients they have! I will no longer do services with this company. Don`t go to these spas. I was on my way to an appointment that I had to book more than two months in advance. When I drove to the appointment, I had a call that cancelled my appointment for IPL. They tell me that they checked my medical history (I had removed a small mole in 2002) and that I would need a letter from a dermatologist to perform the procedure. This should have been checked when I planned so that I could get this documentation. My Botox injections were stopped twice. They are absolutely unprofessional. I will not renew my membership. I`m so angry. I made this appointment more than two months ago.

I took a day off work to reorganize my own patients. @SadG, I had a $5,000 contract for the hair removal of my legs and upper lips. The contract agent claimed that the selling price was actually over, but she called someone who could approve it. She called someone else`s office who would have approved it. This person on the other end was probably laughing again at his colleague (the contract agent) who had another “chump” in his office. DECEIVED to the end.. .