How to Make Images on a Projector Screen Smaller, Bigger?

Does your projector project images that are larger than your screen? Are you fed up with the overspill and poor quality? We have solutions for you.

Manufacturers design projectors to give you a cinematic experience within your home. You can also use projectors for official presentations and business adverts.

One of the primary benefits of using a projector is that you can adjust your image size. This flexibility makes them suitable for both large and small spaces.

An image might lose clarity and become blurry when it is too small or too big. Blurry images contribute to a poor viewing experience.

Here’s some good news: It is easy to adjust the size of the image projected onto your screen, regardless of how you installed your projector.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make your projected images bigger or smaller until you attain the image size you desire.

Ways to Modify the Size of Images on the Projector Screen

The image size displayed on your projector screen depends on the throw ratio of your projector and throw distance.

If you find that the image is unfocused, too large, or too small for the screen, two effective solutions are available to you.

  • You can adjust the position of your projector (projection distance)
  • You can change the projector’s zoom lens settings.

Let’s explore the available options.

1. Adjust the Position of the Projector

adjusting the position of projector to make the image bigger smaller

It is essential to consider the distance between the projector and the screen while setting up your projector.

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A great distance between the projector and the projector screen makes the image larger.

Likewise, the image is smaller if there’s only a short distance between the projector and the projector screen.

If you want a larger image on your screen, move the projector farther away from the screen to increase the image size.

If you want a smaller image, move the projector closer to the screen to reduce the projection distance.

Note: The projected image may look blurry after you have adjusted the position of the projector. You can modify the projector’s focus to improve the sharpness.

Find the focus knob, switch, or ring on your projector. Manually adjust the focus of the lens till the image is sharp enough.

There is one significant downside to this method of resizing images. You can only use it for mobile projectors and tripod setups.

It is hard to move the positions of semi-permanent setups like ceiling or wall projector installations.

2. Adjust the Projector’s Zoom Lens

Recent projector models come with zoom lenses. A zoom lens allows you to zoom in or out on the projected image.

Zoom lenses allow you to adjust the image size without changing the position of the projector. The projector zoom feature can be either digital or optical.

  • Optical Zoom

optical zoom lens of a projector

In optical zoom, you can reduce or increase the image size by lengthening or shortening the focal point of the projector lens.

It involves a manual adjustment of the zoom lens. You have to first locate the zoom ring on the projector, then twist or turn it till you are satisfied with the image size.

  • Digital Zoom

using a remote control to adjust projector image

Digital zoom projectors are convenient. You can use a remote to adjust their zoom settings, and this function allows for flexible projector placement.

However, digital zoom manipulates the image’s source code, which often reduces the image quality and results in pixelation.

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In comparing digital vs. optical zoom in projectors, we found that optical zoom has more significant advantages.

It does not interfere with image quality, and it allows higher levels of adjustment than digital zoom.

For most recent projectors, you can use the digital zoom feature via the following steps:

  • Power on the projector and wait till it is warmed up.
  • Check the projector’s remote and press the ‘Zoom +’ button to zoom in.
  • Press the ‘Zoom -‘ button to zoom out.
  • Observe as the image changes in size and adjust till it is at your preferred size.

After adjusting the zoom to your preferred scale, adjust the projector’s focus to maintain image clarity.

3. Epson Projector: Use the Wide and Tele Buttons

Wide Tele in Epson Projector

Wide and Tele refer to two projector lens types: Wide-angle and Telephoto projector lenses.

A wide-angle lens has a short focal length and a wide field of view. It has an increased horizontal scope and causes close objects to appear faraway.

A telephoto projector lens has a narrow field of view and a short focal length. It makes faraway objects appear closer in the projected image.

You can adjust the zoom lens remotely to operate in either Tele or Wide mode in some projectors.

Here’s how you can do this on an Epson projector:

  • Turn on the projector and wait till it warms up.
  • Project your preferred image and observe the projection size.
  • Press the ‘Wide’ button on your projector’s control panel to increase the projected image size.
  • Press the ‘Tele’ button if you want to reduce the size of the projected image.
  • Adjust the projector’s focus to sharpen the image.


How do I adjust the angle of my projector?

The size of your projected image may be correct; however, you may still notice a distortion in the angle of the picture.

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This problem is common and easily fixed. All you need is to adjust the projection angle manually.

Projectors typically come with two to four feet screwed on beneath them. The purpose of the feet is to level the projector.

Here’s how to adjust the projection angle:

  • Power up the projector.
  • Project an image that occupies the entire width of your screen.
  • Once the image is displayed, start screwing the projector’s feet in or out, depending on the angle of distortion.
  • Ensure that your projector screen is leveled and align the front feet of the projector horizontally.
  • Alternately adjust both front feet till the projected image levels with the screen.

2. How do I adjust the angle on a ceiling-mounted projector?

man adjusting the angle of a ceiling-mounted projector

Ceiling-mounted projectors are those hoisted above the ground. Due to this placement, you cannot change the angle of the image by adjusting the feet.

Ceiling mounts for projectors usually have an adjustable joint. This joint suspends and holds the projector in place.

You can adjust the projected image by adjusting the angle of the joint till the image is aligned correctly.


The distance between a projector and a projector screen determines the size of the image projected onto the screen.

There are two significant ways to reduce or enlarge the projected image. You can adjust the distance between the projector and the screen or change the settings of the projector lens.

Regardless of the method used, don’t forget to adjust the focus after resizing. Refocusing will preserve the clarity of your projected image.