The Sharper Image Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Speaker Pair and Dock Review & Giveaway!

When I first got my iPod touch a few years ago I used it mainly for email and checking a few online sites. I wasn’t really aware of all it was capable of and all of the devices that you could use with it. Then just before Christmas I was lucky enough to get the latest version of the iPod touch and the iPod nano as well. The nano encouraged me to start using iTunes and downloading all my CD collection. Before I knew it I was turning to my iPods for the latest music. Problem? I didn’t like having to always wear my earphones to listen to the tunes.

That’s when I started looking into all the different devices I could use to make the most of them. The Sharper Image was already one of my favorite go to websites for the latest and greatest electronics. What I didn’t realize was that they had THIRTY different products to use with your iPod! I was super excited to check the iPod electronics out! However, when I saw the Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Speaker Pair and Dock I knew it would be a perfect fit.

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Your fun will not be boxed in, or limited to one indoor space – not when you have these Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers. Heading out to the pool, or out to the BBQ? Grab these wireless indoor/outdoor speakers with, and make tracks. You won’t be dragging wires behind, because they are cordless.

Outdoor speakers that don’t need to be babied near the pool or hot tub – that’s what you get with these weather resistant Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers. A few splashes of water from an unexpected rain shower or from the pool aren’t going to ruin these 900 MHz beauties. You can relax and enjoy the clear sound, without fussing over wires or raindrops. The Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker system features a dual power transmitter. Use AC power, or batteries if you’d like – you get complete freedom whenever you want. These wireless indoor/outdoor speakers support multiple audio inputs including iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, computers and much more. Remote included.

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• Supports all types of audio inputs including RCA inputs for home theater

• Supports MP3 players, computers, iPods, iPhones and more

• Remote included in indoor/outdoor wireless speaker system

• Includes 2 wireless indoor/outdoor speakers

• Cordless outdoor speakers are weather resistant

• Indoor/outdoor wireless speaker system with 2 AC adapters

• 1 dual power transmitter with 1 AC adapter

• Comes with user manual for cordless outdoor speakers

• 900 MHz transmitter sends audio signals without speaker wire

• Wireless indoor/outdoor speakers can use battery power or adapter

• Add additional cordless outdoor speakers to enhance listening

• Create outdoor surround sound with weather resistant indoor/outdoor wireless speakers

• Cordless outdoor speakers can be up to 150 feet away from audio source

• Wireless indoor/outdoor speakers are perfect for poolside, spa, BBQ and deck

Batteries: 12 C, 4 AA, 2 AAA Required

These are great because I use them all the time when I’m cleaning. I have one in my kitchen and the other in my dining room. They work incredibly well. I don’t recommend turning them all the way up because I do think you’ll blow the speakers easily. If you use them reasonably they are still pretty loud and they sound great. I personally felt that these were the type of product that a written post just wasn’t enough and decided to show you a video. This is my actual set in my home.

As you can see these little speakers pack quite the punch. Plus, since they are easy to use I love being able to take them where ever. You’ll often find them in my scrapbooking room!

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The Sharper Imagehas offered one Mom Spotted Reader a Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Speaker Pair and Dock!!!

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