The Perfect Steam Profile Picture Size & Best Practices

Steam is one of the most popular game-downloading platforms out there, with over 30,000 games for players to choose from. With its ability to let gamers create their own games, add friends to their profile, message other users and engage on discussion boards, and even play games with friends virtually, it’s no surprise that Steam is more popular than ever. No matter what your goal is when using Steam, a clear, eye-catching profile picture is essential if you want to stand out from the other gamers in the community.

A great Steam profile picture is essential to showing others who you are and what you stand for on the platform. You’ll want an easily recognizable, clear image that others will be able to use to identify you.

It’s easy to create and upload your profile picture to Steam, so let’s take a look at the process, starting with the ideal steam profile picture size.

The Perfect Steam Profile Picture Size

The perfect steam profile picture size should be displayed at 184 x 184 pixels.

steam profile picture size

For optimal resolution, though, it’s best to upload a larger image since steam automatically scales your image down to display at its correct size. We recommended opting for higher resolution images with a 1:1 ratio, like 800 x 800 as you would for Twitch.

The big goal here is to make sure you upload a square image will mean it’s more likely for your profile picture to show up correctly once its size is reduced.

Steam profile pictures can be either JPG or PNG files types.

How to Choose the Right Steam Profile Picture Image

Selecting the best profile picture for Steam is crucial if you’re looking to build a presence and a platform as a gamer. Your profile picture communicates who you are as a gamer, creator, or video game enthusiast, so take a little time to consider your options.

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For personal profiles, select an avatar that communicates your unique interests. If you’re building a brand, you will want to choose an image that’s on point with your brand identity. The profile picture should be straightforward, eye-catching, and easily recognizable.

Bold colors and attractive designs are always excellent choices when it comes to choosing a Steam profile picture. Think plenty of white space, contrasting colors, and simple designs. You might also choose to use your logo or a piece of branded art. Alternatively, you could use a tool like Snappa to create a custom, optimally sized profile picture.

The example we looked at above is excellent; it uses contrasting colors to stand out, and it’s simple enough to make out even though it’s small.

Want to know more about how Snappa can help? Read on for step-by-step instructions.

How to Create a Steam Profile Picture with Snappa

From your dashboard in Snappa, create a custom graphic.

Because your Steam avatar will be square, creating a square image is ideal. You won’t need an incredibly high resolution since Steam will be sizing your image down to 184 x 184 pixels. In this case, we decided to go with a 500 x 500 image. Click Create to open the image editor.

If you choose, you can also start with any square template that you like the look of.

snappa custom graphic size

Next, you’ll see your blank image canvas in the Snappa editor. We opted to use one of the many free stock images from our library for the Steam profile picture. To do that, click the Background icon for a selection of images.

snappa background image

Once you’ve selected the best image for your profile picture, you can click Reposition to ensure you’ve got the image aligned and zoomed the way you want it.

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snappa reposition button

Once you do that, you’ll have the option to reposition and scale the image. Click Apply when you get it aligned.

In the upper left corner of the page, name your image. Then, save it (right-hand menu) and download it to your desktop. A JPG or PNG image will work just fine for Steam.

snappa profile pic save

Now, you’re ready to upload your profile picture to Steam.

How to Set Your Steam Profile Picture

Head over to Steam and log in to your account. When you navigate to your profile, you’ll see where your profile picture will be displayed (if you don’t yet have one). To add your new avatar, click Edit Profile.

steam edit profile

In the left-hand navigation menu, click Avatar.

You’ll see three size options for your profile picture. These are simply previews to show you how your image will look at scale, once you’ve uploaded it. Click the Upload your avatar button on the right-hand side of the screen to select the file you just downloaded from Snappa.

Now, you’ll see multiple previews of your Steam profile picture, with an option to edit the image you uploaded. Once you’re happy with it, click Save.

steam avatar scale

Congratulations! You now have an attention-grabbing Steam profile picture. After you complete the upload, you’ll see it appear across your profile.

As an alternative, Steam offers its own library of avatar images to choose from. If you want to use an image from a game you love to play on the platform, for example, you’ll be able to pick one from a pre-populated library when you edit your profile. That being said, this won’t help you stand out the way a custom branded or self-created image would.

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steam avatar screen

You’re now ready to game in style with your brand new Steam profile picture!

Steam Profile Picture Best Practices

When choosing the best image for your profile picture on Steam, there are a few best practices you should stick to. These include:

  • Using an image that accurately represents your brand and/or who you are
  • Selecting an easily recognizable avatar that is unmistakable when other users view it
  • Sticking to appropriate imagery that doesn’t include hate, explicit content, or violence (see Steam’s Online Conduct rules and guidelines for more)
  • Choosing a profile image that is high-quality and sharp so it will look great scaled down
  • Using image best practices like contrasting colors, choosing simple designs, and including plenty of white space so that it’s easy for users to make out

Still not sure what type of image to use for your Steam avatar? We made a blog post to give you some ideas.


It’s simple to create a Steam profile picture for your gaming persona. Have fun through the process, and choose an image that really communicates who you are to your audience and fellow gamers.

And when you make sure you’re getting started with a graphic design tool and the right steam profile picture size, you’ll get off on the right foot and be well on your way to helping your profile stand out.

Remember, Snappa can help you quickly create an excellent avatar! Plus, it’s free to get started. Click here to get instant access to our fonts, graphics, and images so you can make your Steam profile picture shine.

Have you seen any nice avatar images lately? Let us know in the comments below!